Birmingham Flowers Guide To Flowers Tips on protecting your floral arrangements: Birmingham Flowers prepare beautiful bouquets for all occasions – from birthdays to weddings – and our talented florists want to ensure that they are cared for properly. There are a number of steps you can follow to really make the most out of your Flower Birmingham arrangements. This would ensure your Birmingham flowers retain their shape and freshness for much longer and helps maintain the absolutely stunning flower arrangement. These steps are easy and simple to follow and will help keep your Flowers Birmingham arrangement to look impressive and beautiful for as long as possible. When you receive your Birmingham Flower bouquet, our expert Birmingham florists advise that you cut the stems of your flowers at a slight angle and at about 2cm above the end of the stem, therefore ensuring long lasting freshness. This will mean your flowers will look fresher and be brighter and will help your Birmingham Flower bouquet look gorgeous and long lasting. Birmingham Flowers suggest that you should always freshly cut your flowers before placing into a vase of your own, this allows the stems to take in a large amount of water. As a result, your flowers will be to able to take in as much water as possible which will make sure that the flowers in your bouquet stay firmer and fresher for as long as possible. Water will not reach the flowers if the stems are dry that is why if you cut them regularly you will ensure that your flowers will not die prematurely. Keeping your Birmingham flowers fresh Birmingham Flowers ensures you receive only the best quality on flowers for your Birmingham flower arrangement which is why we buy our flowers from the best places to ensure freshness and their beauty. Here at Birmingham Flowers, we import all our flowers directly from Holland as Dutch flowers are known for their excellent form and magnificence all year round, making them the best choice for your flower bouquet. These flowers upon arrival are carefully conditioned and cleaned and then arranged in either a bouquet or other floral arrangements by our expert florists here at Birmingham Flowers. As we want to give our customers the freshest quality for their flowers, we advise that your flowers might take up to 48 hours to fully bloom. Obviously due to the different types of flowers that we supply, some will bloom earlier than others and the results may vary. The extreme freshness of your flowers means that they will last up to twice as long. If you are putting the flowers in a vase of your own, please be sure to remove any extra foliage. If the foliage is left on and sits in the water this will increase the bacteria and therefore affect the flowers as the water is infested. The gerbera, as beautiful as it is, is quite vulnerable to an overflowing amount of bacteria in water. Temperature and Display Area 18-22 degrees is the temperature that Birmingham flowers recommends keeping your floral bouquets in. Warm areas such as next to radiators or in direct sunlight can cause the flowers to wilt. To ensure the longevity of your flowers displaying them in a cool area is best. Ripening fruits can also have an effect on your flowers as they produce small amounts ethylene gas which can sometimes increase the growth rate of your flowers but will unfortunately stunt the life span.  If you have any queries about your flowers and how to care for them, please do not hesitate to contact one of our expert florists and we will aid in any way we can. How to arrange your flowers We provide a care packet along with your delivery that consists of a little booklet advising you on how to care for your flowers and a sachet of flower food to promote growth. It would be best to add the sachet of flower food to the container before adding your flowers, and then make sure that the water does not reach the foliage as this will increase the rate of bacteria that will form within the water. We can arrange your flowers in a vase for you, provided by ourselves at a little extra cost, to save you the time of arranging the flowers yourself. Once your flowers have been unwrapped you can then prepare them to be placed in an exquisite vase of your choosing. Ensure that the container is clean and filled with lukewarm water so as to aid the flow of water through the stem of the flower. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority so our florists in Birmingham will do everything they can to ensure you are well informed about your flowers and know exactly how to look after them. Again, if you have any questions at all simply contact our Birmingham florists directly by phone or even by email and we will be happy to answer any queries you might have.